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24th-Jul-2015 10:00 am - Author Author Interview
Photo by Nylia Alisia
Last week Ed Goldberg of All Classical Portland interviewed me about Spyder's Trouble for his Author Author program.

Ed called Spyder's Trouble "the most unusual novel I've read in quite a while." He had some interesting questions to ask about the world, Spyder, and especially Lady Cassandra.

You can now listen to the show on the All Classical Portland website, my Events page, or on iTunes.
22nd-Jul-2015 10:00 am - Wrong Party
Photo by Nylia Alisia
Ever felt out of place at a party someone dragged you to? When you arrived, ever wondered if the person you expected to meet was somewhere else and you showed up at the Wrong Party? That happens to Laura in my latest short story, now available for purchase.

Wrong Party: Fate has a sense of humor -- Brian sent her the incorrect address. But, after meeting Jack, Laura forgot all about her date for the evening.
Photo by Nylia Alisia
You can now pre-order the second novella in my BDSM space opera series, Spyder's Truth, Book Two of The Lady & The Spyder.

One by one the Righteous Order of Piety Purists takes over settled planets and colonies, enthralling governments to imprison their citizens in a sexless, joyless existence. Forced into exile, compelled to form a morally questionable affiliation with a crime lord, the Dominatrix Lady Cassandra struggles to protect her slaves and clients from the encroaching Pietist threat.

But liberating a devoted collaborator spirals into a violent confrontation. To protect her allies, Cassandra and her slave captain Spyder, take the Order's so-called representatives into custody. Although they claim piety and peace, the prisoners' heavily armed presence aboard Cassandra's spaceship Truth, endangers both the crew and the ship.

Pursued by ships equipped with sophisticated tracking equipment and weaponry, Spyder must use his wits, his crew's talents, and everything he can demand of Truth to keep them all alive. Because of the Pietist's disproportionate reaction, Lady Cassandra questions the Order's priorities and goals. She discovers the roots of the movement entangled with her own history and realizes the Pietists will sacrifice anything and anyone to destroy her.

Spyder's Truth, an erotic BDSM space opera by Korin I. Dushayl, Book 2 of The Lady & The Spyder, publishes on October 5, 2015, now available for pre-order.

If you haven't read Book One, Spyder's Trouble, click the link to find where it's available in electronic and paper book.

You can pre-order Spyder's Truth today at Smashwords, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble. Other retailers will be posted on the website as it becomes available.
Photo by Nylia Alisia
Competing for attention in today's publishing environment is hard enough. But, when retailers prevent you from putting your books on the correct virtual shelf in the store, it becomes impossible.

Erotica ≠ romance and romance ≠ erotica. My BDSM space opera, Spyder's Trouble contains no hint of romance. And yet ...

Read about how yet another retailer works to prevent you from consuming erotica without the trappings of romance on my blog.
28th-Apr-2015 10:20 am - Connecting to Kink
Photo by Nylia Alisia
What's the one thing always said by neighbors when they arrest a mass murderer or serial killer? "They were so nice and quiet, I can't imagine they would do something like that."

Appearances can be deceiving. You can't tell a person is a rapist by looking at them. A top wearing lots of leather with a fancy flogger hanging from their belt may have never thrown it before. A bottom, begging to be beaten bloody, may have never suffered more than a torn fingernail. Someone who lies about their training and experience can cause the partner they play with permanent harm -- emotionally or physically.

Last fall, the Salem Munch contacted me about giving a presentation on staying safe through negotiations. After I spoke with Chris, aka TheDarkLord, about what he hoped I could cover, I realized I could write an entire book on the subject. So I did and now you can purchase Connecting to Kink: Safely exploring your BDSM fantasies online in print and ebook.

Connecting to Kink: Safely exploring your BDSM fantasies online offers essays, tips, personal experience, and opinion written from more than a dozen years of experience advising online kinksters. Whether you just discovered online kink, tried unsuccessfully to connect with someone, or want to satisfy your curiosity, you will find useful information about safely exploring your BDSM fantasies online in its pages.
21st-Apr-2015 10:00 am - Medical Inequality
Photo by Nylia Alisia
Recently, I watched the deaths of two friends play out very differently because one was a cis woman and the other was trans.

I talk about the medical inequality that served one woman and destroyed another on my blog. (BTW, you can help the latter's family out at gofundme.)
Photo by Nylia Alisia
I often wonder how many marriages end because spouses are too constrained by society's restrictions to communicate honestly about their sexual needs. When I played the online dating game, I sometimes would see profiles that reminded me of my ex-husband. Fortunately, he had moved to another state, so I didn't have to worry about meeting him by accident. Still, the thought inspired a short story.

After all how do you respond when you find your ex-husband hanging out at the restaurant where you planned to meet your "Blind Date"?

Now, Blind Date is one of seven stories in Explicit Books Publishing's second collection Seduction: Steamy Sexy Short Stories (Seven Erotic Nights - Diary Book 2).

In addition, the collection includes "Back to School" in which an admin error forces Jordan and Dennis to share a dorm room. Older than their classmates, they decide to stick together. But Jordan's past threatens to keep them apart.

Read both "Blind Date" and "Back to School" in Seduction: Steamy Sexy Short Stories (Seven Erotic Nights - Diary Book 2) along with "Foxy Den Motel" by M. Christine, "What You Wear" by Roger Leatherwood, and "Bear With Me," "Hard Times," and "Home Invitation" by Lynn Lake -- all for only $2.99!
Photo by Nylia Alisia
Writing erotica allows all kinds of opportunities, including the ability to take revenge on those who've treated us poorly in love. Of course, if a character is sufficiently fictionalized, they'll never know we eviscerated them in story. But, it still can be great fun for the writer.

One of my favorite stories, "Salt for His Wounds," started out as that type of revenge porn. Since then, it surpassed all expectations, winning an award, published in an anthology, spawning an entire series of stories about the main characters.

Now, "Salt for His Wounds" appears in the first collection from Explicit Books Publishing: Breathless: Steamy Sexy Short Stories (Seven Erotic Nights - Diary Book 1).

Explicit Books publishes X-rated erotic fiction from professional writers and storytellers for adult audiences with a taste for sexually explicit prose.

In "Salt for His Wounds," when Eleanor's ex-husband shows up begging for a second chance, she asks her young, gorgeous next door neighbor for a favor. Mick takes full advantage of the opportunity.

Breathless: Steamy Sexy Short Stories (Seven Erotic Nights - Diary Book 1) also includes "Goa" by Dena Hankins, "The Vodka Talking" by Roger Leatherwood, "Thrill Ride" by Lynn Lake, "Cheat On Me Will You" by Lynn Lake, "Tamar" by Daniel Burnell, and "Swinging Soiree" by Lynn Lake -- all for only $2.99!
24th-Feb-2015 10:00 am - Illusion of Control
Photo by Nylia Alisia
Some characters show up in a short story and never make another appearance. Some come back months or years later requesting additional time on the page. And some characters make it clear from the very beginning that they intend to stick around for several tales.

The characters in "Illusion of Control," the sequel to "'Switch'," definitely fall into the latter category.

In "'Switch'," Liza finds it difficult to maintain control around Emanuel, but can't resist his offer to share his slave with her.

In "Illusion of Control," Liza learns that Emanuel and Eric share one body with at least nine others. Emanuel believes he manages everyone, until she shows him how little control he maintains.
16th-Feb-2015 09:30 am - Beyond 50: An Erotic Sampler
Photo by Nylia Alisia
If Fifty Shades of Grey intrigued you, now you can download more than 50 samples of BDSM literature from authors around the world.

Taste from the wealth of BDSM-themed literature and media free in Beyond 50: An Erotic Sampler.

Sensual romances, gritty thrillers, spellbinding fantasy, darkly passionate suspense and horror, dramatic historical adventures, edgy erotica, gorgeous art and photographs, and honest memoirs from short stories to long novels, from subtle and light to explicit and nasty await you in the pages of Beyond 50: An Erotic Sampler. You'll even find helpful and sexy non-fiction to bring more risqué thoughts to your own sex life!

No matter what your interests, a world of authors offers your imagination a tasty turn. Whether you want only one style and theme or care to delve into a whole universe of passion, romance, danger, and delight, you will discover something just to your taste. All sexual identities and orientations and any match-up between them can be found in these scorching pages. Take the plunge and explore. Taste and nibble to find so many more colors to paint your dreams and desires.

You can download all formats of Beyond 50: An Erotic Sampler from my website, Smashwords, or other online retailers.
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