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19th-Nov-2014 10:00 am - Year-End Book Bargains
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Beginning this year, I made my short story collections available in print. And recently, after much searching, Patrick found a payment processor that won't rip off my readers and that will (without charging outrageous fees) accept payment for erotic fiction.

To celebrate these two milestones and to simplify your holiday gift shopping, for a limited time I'm offering massive markdowns on all the books I have in print, including first editions.

Now through midnight PST Cyber Monday (December 1, 2014), get up to 45 percent off on my short story collections, novels (including those by Korin Dushayl), and poetry book. I'll sign them and ship them to you for Solstice/Yule/Christmas/Kwanza/Festivus/mid-Chanukah giving.

Choose from 13 short story collections, five novels, and one book of poetry with varying levels of heat, romance, and kink at up to 45 percent off. Plus, for the collector, I'm offering reduced prices on First Editions of Broken, Shattered, Dommemoir, and Pain of Love (quantities limited).

Each short story collection has two editions. The special collector's editions include the color covers for each individual short story. (If you need help figuring out which short story collections might be most appreciated, you can search for stories by category. Just make sure the "Include Collections" box is checked.) You can even get a copy of Leather Home before its release in January.

Check out all the Book Bargains while they last.
5th-Nov-2014 10:00 am - Richard
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Richard first showed up in my stories when I wrote Searching, a twist on the story of two Dominants searching for a slave they can share.

When I started putting together stories for Who Tops Who, Theresa insisted on explaining how she, a FemDom who had never been in a vanilla relationship, ended up married to a Dominant male.

Of course, given the nature of their relationship, that required
Richard to tell his story. (And, since it's only fair, I decided to give Jesse a chance to share his journey -- his tale will be available next month.)

In "Richard," available today, Theresa fascinated him from the first time he saw her. But how does he entice her into considering more than a casual relationship with another dominant?
28th-Oct-2014 10:15 am - Vote Blue
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"The race for the United States Senate is going to be close -- in fact it's going to be so close that a handful of voters may decide who controls the Senate in Washington," admits one Republican supporter. "People of like-minds need to stick together so as to avoid the rise of a government that is in complete conflict with their values." He wrote those words to scare GOP voters into forking over money and getting to the polls for the midterm election.

But, unless your values are Tea Party ignorance and obstructionism, you must Vote Blue. If you don't vote, or you vote for Republicans or third party candidates, you are handing the United States government over to right wing nut jobs who can't spell, but are determined to take away your health care, your reproductive rights, your ability to earn more than slave wages, your weekends, your vacations, your home, and your retirement funds.

I discuss what's at stake in detail on my blog. Please read, share, and comment. We need to get the word out to overcome voter apathy, disenfranchisement, and Koch brother lies.
6th-Oct-2014 07:25 pm - Who Tops Who
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Sometimes sexual attraction ignores D/s orientation. I've known couples who were both submissive and dominants who wore the collar of the person they fell in love with. My own boy, Patrick, has never identified as a submissive. He was more of a dominant, and a bit of a sadist, when I met him. But he demonstrates his love to me by submitting and serving and he wears my collar.

In four tantalizing tales, Who Tops Who explores how dynamic dominants resolve their conflicting desires when they find each other irresistible.

You can now purchase Who Tops Who in paperback for $10.95. The Special Collector's Edition for $21.95 includes the short story covers with the gorgeous models who helped inspire some of the stories. If you prefer ebooks, you can find the collection at all your favorite retailers.

Who Tops Who includes:

Chocolate Cake: Her submissive toys wait for her at home, but Louise finds an offer by an attractive Dom as tempting as Chocolate Cake. (First published in One Night Only: Explicit Erotica, edited by Violet Blue.)

FemDom Fairy Tale: A FemDom's offhand remark about a photograph at an erotic art show draws a handsome man's attention. But, when two dominants find each other attractive, which one chooses to kneel? (First published in Desire Presents.)

Switch: Liza finds it difficult to maintain control around Emanuel, but can't resist his offer to share his slave with her. Then she learns his secret.

Theresa: Richard admits to boorish behavior, but Theresa has no use for his apology. Then, he persuades her to accept a ride home from him and proves his integrity.
Photo by Nylia Alisia
I was thrilled to learn Monday that my non-fiction article "What Some Women Tops and Bottoms Have in Common" was awarded the National Leather Association-International Cynthia Slater Non-Fiction Article Award.

"What Some Women Tops and Bottoms Have in Common" first appeared on BDSM Book Reviews on October 12, 2013.
Photo by Nylia Alisia
If you'd like to celebrate banned books week by reading some books currently banned by retailers, I can offer a large selection.

I discuss why and where my books have been banned on my blog. I also explain why you should care about retailers' arbitrary and capricious content guidelines, even if you don't enjoy those particular books.
10th-Sep-2014 10:05 am - Switch
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Sometimes characters hide things from their creator, their secrets so deep and dark that I must write about them before I can learn the hidden truth.

"Switch" started out as a simple story about two dominants and how they resolved their attraction to each other, the last story for Who Tops Who? available next month.

I only discovered Emanuel's secret a few seconds before Liza did, and I believe I was more shocked than she.

In "Switch," Liza finds it difficult to maintain control around Emanuel, but can't resist his offer to share his slave with her.
20th-Aug-2014 10:00 am(no subject)
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Some characters insist on having their entire story told from beginning to end all at once. Others only reveal what happens next after waiting a while. And, still others get an urge to share what came before, months or years after I've told their story.

"Theresa," who first appeared in "Searching," falls into that latter category.

Richard promises to join the conversation next, but for now, you can learn how the two dominants met and got acquainted in "Theresa."
29th-Jul-2014 10:15 am - Do I pass?
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Are you a man or a woman? Most adults consider that a silly question. But for many, that can be the most difficult question they ever have to answer. On my blog today, I discuss another question, one often asked by trans men and women: "Do I pass?" How you answer that question may be more important than you realize.
24th-Jul-2014 09:44 am - Ladies in Love
Photo by Nylia Alisia
Ladies in Love explores a variety of dynamics in Lesbian relationships: butch FemDoms who likes femme bottoms, a femme FemDom who likes butch bottoms, femmes who like femmes, butches who like butches, and some combinations involving more than two.

Now you can read the six sizzling stories of lesbian lust offered by Ladies in Love in paperback for $10.95. The Special Collector's Edition for $24.95 includes the short story covers with the gorgeous models who helped inspire some of the stories. And, of course the ebook remains available for only $4.99 at various retailers. Ladies in Love includes:

Empty Seat: Laura offers Alex a nightcap as thanks for help with a presentation to a prospective client. But they never order drinks, because the southbound train introduced a masochist to the first sadist willing to test her boundaries.

'Aunt' Grace: Jen needed a place to stay in Portland and turned to her father's stepsister. But, she found so much more than she ever dreamed possible with her "Aunt" Grace. Second Place, National Leather Association: International John Preston Short Story Award.

Spa Date: Dismayed that she introduced Sam to the woman who betrayed her, Julie tries to fix her up again.

Taking Control: To free the woman she loves from a horrid sadist's perverted games, Melanie must set aside her own aversion to men

Dental School: How can Cindy flirt with the beautiful blonde dental instructor while her mother propositions the student examining her teeth on Cindy's behalf?

Commiserate: The same man dumped them both. When they commiserate, they discover more in common than an ex-boyfriend.
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